Managing Risk: The Legal Perspective

Chair: Frances Le Grys, Partner, Hogan Lovells

Panelist: Jacqueline Barrett, Group Risk & Compliance Director, Vodafone
Panelist: Kate Cheetham, Group General Counsel, Lloyds Banking Group PLC
Panelist: Tanya Jaeger De Foras, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, EMEA, Luxottica Group S.p.A.
Panelist: Victoria White, ‎General Counsel, Europe, H.J. Heinz Company

Technological change, global regulatory activism, and financial pressures have brought new and complex issues to the boardroom. Issues, such as cybersecurity, data protection, anti-corruption, and regulatory compliance, were once the domain of specialist managers. Today they are seen as enterprise risks, firmly on the c-suite agenda.

  • What risks are now on the radar?
  • How do you “look around corners” and prevent surprises?
  • How do you respond when risk becomes crisis?

Business and Human Rights: The Corporate Responsibility to Respect

Chair: Julianne Hughes-Jennett, Partner, Hogan Lovells

Panelist: Monika Bickert, Head of Global Public Policy Management, Facebook
Panelist: Mary Johnson, Founder, Fair Play Human Rights Consulting
Panelist: Carine Smith Ihenacho, Global Chief Compliance Officer, Statoil

In June 2011, the Human Rights Council endorsed the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, which were designed to guide governments, corporations, and stakeholders on how to ensure respect for human rights principles in their activities. Four years on, how are the principles impacting corporate conduct? Business, NGOs, and politicians talk about “social license to operate.” But what does it really mean?

  • How do you ensure respect for human rights in the global supply chain?
  • How do you avoid infringing the rights of others, and address adverse impact where it occurs?
  • How do you engage stakeholders in these issues?

Globalization, Technology, and Social Change: The Board Perspective

Chair: Emily Reid, GWES Chair and Partner, Hogan Lovells

Panelist: Ina De, Managing Director Co-Head of UK Investment Banking, J.P. Morgan UK
Panelist: Stephanie Flanders, Chief Market Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management
Panelist: Nathalie Rachou, Non-Executive Director, Société Générale, Veolia Environnement, Altran
Panelist: Sacha Romanovitch, CEO Elect, Grant Thornton UK 

Globalization, technology, and social change are creating new industries, reshaping markets, streamlining operations, easing the flow of capital, diversifying the workforce, and enabling newer and faster forms of collaboration and communication. In 2025, the global economic landscape will be vastly different. How are businesses responding to these profound shifts in the world around them?

  • G20? BRIC? MINT E7? N-11? Where are the growth markets of tomorrow?
  • How is rapidly evolving technology exerting its influence on organizations and strategy?
  • How do we adapt to the changing expectations of young people entering the workforce?